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The Central Circuit is a unique hiking trail in the Ruwenzori Mountains. In a 7-day hike, the Baker massif is circumnavigated at an altitude between 2,500 m and 4,300 m. Here, a total of 5 vegetation zones are crossed with a beautiful mountain and plant landscape. The path leads through tropical rainforest, through high moors with giant senecia and lobelia and over two passes with boulders. In recent years, the Central Circuit has been upgraded so that it can be well-performed for any normally-conditioned hiker. Once difficult passages are now crossed with the help of ladders or boardwalks. Within 4 - 7 hours walking time, a hut is reached for overnight stay. The trekking tour is classified as moderate overall. Vertigo is not required. During your walk, you only carry your day luggage. The further luggage is transported by carriers. The Central Circuit may only be done in the company of a guide.

Road surface

The 7-day hiking tour leads through five different vegetation zones. As a result, the paths are quite different. The trails are so well-developed that they can easily be walked on by a normally-conditioned hiker. Through the rain forest lead simple forest paths. The boggy plateau on the second or third day is mostly crossed by wooden footbridges. In some cases, some small marshy spots have to be overcome by searching for the way through tussock grass. On the fourth or fifth day a pass is exceeded. Here the path leads partly over block rock. Larger block obstacles are designed with ladders so that crossing is relatively easy. On the sixth day of hiking, the path goes over several marshy places, where you have to balance over slightly longer wooden beams. For the entire Central Circuit no vertigo is necessary, just a little surefootedness.


For the entire hike, a separate chef is available for each hiking group. In the morning there is a rich breakfast. Either pancakes, porridge, omelette or toast. For the day a packed lunch with a drink and snacks will be provided. On arrival at the lodge there is usually a small snack. In the evening there is a richly prepared dinner. For drinks you should take a thermos, so that you can take in between a warm drink, tea or coffee.


Overnight in simple mountain huts. These are equipped with small bedrooms with double beds and a common room with tables and benches. In the evening it can be quite cold in the huts. Most cabins have open windows, so it can be quite quick. Warm clothing and a sleeping bag with a comfort range down to -5 簞 C are required.


During the hike you will spend the night at altitudes between 3.500m and 4100m, so you may experience height problems. For prevention, a lot of drinking should be done during the whole time.

For trekking tour (Central Circuit) bring along:

Loan equipment

The National Park Administration can rent equipment for trekking for a fee.
For a fee of $ 25:


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