The Kidepo Valley National Park is remote in the border triangle Uganda / Sudan / Kenya. It is the most untouched of Uganda's national parks. Wide, species-rich savannah landscape surrounded by huge mountain ranges make your stay special. In terms of larger mammal species, this park offers the greatest variety in Uganda. In addition to elephants, lions, kaffir buffalo, zebras, cheetah, leopard, serval and caracal can also be spotted.

  • Savannah landscape with impressive mountain range
  • Uganda's most untouched national park
  • high biodiversity of mammals and birds
  • Game Drive
  • cheetah and leopard


our trips to the park

Dieser abseits und wenig besuchte Park ist noch nicht fester Bestandteil in unserem pauschalen Reiseangebot. Wir können Ihnen gerne ein individuelles Angebot erstellten.



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