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A visa is required to enter Uganda. Since 1 July 2016 a visa can only be found online on the website (external link, opens in new window) visas.immigration.go .ug . Scanned passport copies, passport photos, proof of yellow fever vaccination and, if necessary, other documents have to be uploaded. Once the procedure has been completed, the visa will be issued on presentation of passport and original proof and payment of the visa fee (in cash, in US dollars or national currency) on entry. The visa fee is currently $ 50 (US $) for a simple tourist visa. The fee depends on the type of visa and is displayed in the application process. For yellow fever vaccination see also "Medical Information". The authorized entry time may differ from the application. If the period of residence entered on entry into the passport is exceeded, a fine of US $ 100 per day is due. Travelers should therefore check carefully what length of stay was entered into their passport upon entry and, if necessary, apply for an extension or a residence permit corresponding to their purpose of stay within that period. Passport or passport copy should always be carried during the stay.
As of 02.02.2017


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