My name is Hezron Kule. For more than 10 years I leads climbers and trekkers through the Central Circuit of the Rwenzori National Park. I took them up to the Margherita-Peak, the third highest mountain in Africa. Even as a child, I took over the enthusiasm for the unique nature of Rwenzori from my father, who at that time barefooted the tourists over the Central Circuit to Margherita Peak. In 2017 I founded my own company Rukenga Hill Tours. With the help of this company I wants to show tourists this unique and fairytale natural landscape.
With my family I live in Nyakalengija directly at the entrance of the Rwenzori National Park and starting point of the Central Circuit. Due to this proximity, I have particularly good contacts with the guides, cooks and porters of the Central Circuit. Rukenga Hill Tours employs locals only and supports the Ruboni Community of Nyakalengija with its offerings.
Thanks to its nearness to Queen Elisabeth NP and Kibale Forest NP, you can take beautiful safari tours from Nyakalengija.


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